Church media is something many churches struggle with. It’s costly. It’s time-consuming. And if you want to create something of high quality – it’s difficult.

The average person aged 14-34 will spend 33% of their life on a computer. Digital media gives your church the opportunity to meet these people where they are, rather than waiting for them to come to you.

The basic video announcements package is pretty simple!  You supply the script and graphics – we do the rest!  This package gives you up to a 3 minute video announcement for every Sunday Worship Experience at your church!  You also have the option to send in a spokesperson from your church!  Anything you need to make your video experience exactly what you want and need!

Announcement Video packages start as low as a $99 a week! 

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We also understand your church will have events and special messages that you will want to highlight.  Our Director's Package gives you your own, personal Creative Director and Cinematographer to create the perfect video for any and every event at your church!

We develop, write and shoot, themed videos for special events!  Check out this Easter Promotion!  No matter what the goal, we will create the perfect video to fit your exact needs! Call us today! 323-430-0049

The traditional approach to church media required the following:

1. Hiring staff members
2. Investing tens of thousands of dollars
3. Working dozens of extra hours
But considering the average North American church consists of 75 people, this approach isn’t feasible for most churches.
This is why we built Pro Video Announcements. It’s a holistic approach to church communication & media – video announcements are just the beginning.

This custom video package has many options, but most importantly, is SAVES YOU TIME & MONEY!  Call 323-430-0049 today for a FREE consultation & information!