Traditional Marketing is dead. Traditional Advertising is dead.

Sales Tactics are dead!

Customers want more than flash and flare. They desire something deeper from those they do business with.

They want stories. Today people want more. They want to know more than just what your product will do. They want to know more than how your product is better than the competition. They don’t want to hear features and catch phrases, they want to know how your product, service or company will enhance and add value to their lives.

Do you want to build a brand that is beyond sales tactics and transactions? Do you want to build passionate followers that believe in you and your mission? Then you need to tell a better story. Period. If you are using video and are still having problems connecting with your dream clients, DO NOT fire your video team. It’s not their fault! Maybe it’s the story you’re having them tell.

If I offered you a guaranteed way to connect your story with your dream client, would you take me up on it? Well what are you waiting for? Call me today and let’s connect!

I can’t wait to meet you!
— Ercell Watson, Owner

Welcome to SoCal Video Creations! 

Our goal is help you tell a BETTER STORY to attract your DREAM CLIENT & bring more traffic to your business.  The more customer traffic you get, the more you can do!  We live to set your business up for success.  Video is the essential ingredient to any marketing and promotional plan and is the key to drawing TRAFFIC to your business!  Call 323-430-0049 TODAY for a consultation! 

Let SVC help grow your business! 

Every great video starts with one thing: Your Story.  Our mission starts with connecting Your Story to your audience.  SVC's writers and directors, are master storytellers with diverse narrative experiences in film, television, stand-up comedy and social media.

Regardless of the format or genre, our creative team approaches every project the same way: tell the most compelling story possible. SVC develops, creates, and executes projects from beginning to end. This gives us the ability to maintain the highest caliber of creative integrity through all aspects of the entire production.

Working with SoCal Video Creations was one of the the best experiences I’ve had. Ercell’s storytelling ability is what sets him apart from the competition and the price was unbeatable! If you want an amazing experience hire SoCal Video Creations.
— Sarah Wilson, Chansaerae Designs

Whether you are a Life Coach, Interior Designer or a Clothing Company, SVC can make your story come alive!  Call us TODAY!

No distance is too far, no story is too tough, no budget is too low!  Our passion is telling YOUR story! Call us today!

Call 323-430-0049 today to learn the many ways SVC can help you achieve your Video, Photography and Social Media needs!