SVC Can Bring the Studio to You!

Green Screen technology is a popular format for shooting HD video.  Whether TV Commercials, Web series, or Church Announcements, many of our clients love the flexibility this video format provides and enjoy using this format to help tell their story.

Is your schedule too demanding?  Are your days too busy?  Maybe you can't get your entire group to come out at the same time.  If these eamples ound familiar we have a solution for you!  Instead of you coming to us, SVC can bring the studio to you! 

Its pretty simple.  We come to your location with our lights, cameras and of course, our green screen, and within minutes we can transform your living room, office, conference room or garage into a live video recording studio!

Our Mobile Green Screen studio will give you all the results you need while saving you time and travel.  Here's a finished product from our Mobile Studio.

We can also create snippets and shorts for you to promote your videos on Social Media formats like FaceBook, Twitter and InstaGram.

Contact us for more information! 323-430-0049